(Photos) When Greeks Were Refugees


Throughout the history of modern Greece, her people have been subject to expulsion from millennia-old native lands, forcing millions to become refugees.

From famine in the early 1900s that dispersed hundreds of thousands to foreign shores, to the numerous wars that forced people to flee, Greeks know the experience of being a refugee.

The Pontians, the Anatolians, the Cypriots in 1974– so many people fleeing to strange and foreign lands, leaving behind homes, towns, businesses and livelihoods.

Furthermore, the entire face of the nation of modern Greece today, as we know it, changed almost overnight because of the influx of refugees in 1922-23.

Greece’s two largest urban centers– Athens and Thessaloniki, doubled in size because of so many destitute refugees arriving from Anatolia. These refugees– once the upper crust of urban society in Smyrna and other cities along the coast of Asia Minor, would forever impact Greece.


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