(Photos) How Did the US Media Respond to Greece’s “No” and Subsequent Victory During WWII?


When Italy invaded Greece in the early morning hours of October 28, 1940 following an overnight ultimatum for surrender that was rejected by the Greeks, the American media went into a frenzy.

Immediately after the news hit, articles, editorials and political cartoons began appearing in the American press in admiration of the Greeks and the advances they made in the subsequent months to push the Italians back and win what was at the time, the first Allied victory of the war.

Below is a selection of US newspaper political cartoons from October 1940 up until the Nazi invasion the following April of 1941.




  1. Barbara Oskanian on

    And the Greek resistance was the only one in Europe, not to get (or ask ?) for any outside help, at any point of WWII ! An other OXI .(correct me if I am wrong)

  2. Panos Bevoudas on

    Well, Greek resistance both requested and received help from its Allies. For instance, English agents remained in Crete well after its fall.

  3. Barbara Oskanian on

    Panos Bevoudas thank you for the information! Some time ago I watched a documentary were It was told, that the resistance was totally on it's own.

  4. George Moraitis on

    Panos Bevoudas True, after the defeat of Italy. Before that no aid. No one expected any fight from the Greeks.

  5. George Moraitis on

    Ambroise Chaccaron Please show me where you get this information. As I know its Greeks, Australians, New Zealand and UK. As I also know France was occupied one year before the battle of Crete, June 1940 I think. Crete happened May 1941. Check this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Crete. I know the French did great work in central Europe with their partisans.

  6. George, you mention all these countries, but what about Canada. They were in the war from the beginning, suffered brutal losses and continued on to the end.

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