(Photos) Massive Highway Pile-up in Northern Greece Leaves 5 Dead, Dozens Injured; More than 40 Automobiles Involved


Greek authorities say five people have been killed and at least 40 injured when a truck caused a pileup on the Egnatia Highway in northern Greece after a Romanian truck driver slammed into dozens of cars that were at a standstill due to construction on the highway.

Repair work had shut down Egnatia’s eastbound lanes and vehicles were being diverted 75km west of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city. A truck, driven by the 39-year-old Romanian driver coming up to the diversion point did not slow down and struck a car, which caught fire and caromed into the cars in front, causing a massive domino of cars crashing into one another.

During the preliminary investigation, the driver said he saw the warning sign for ongoing works and also saw two men holding flags prompting drivers to slow down, but his brakes had “blocked”. He said he couldn’t slow down and with the downward slope of the road he ended up crashing against the stopped vehicles.

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  1. Andrew Lockwood on

    The result of badly maintained trucks and tired/intoxicated poorly trained drivers coming from that part of the world.

  2. Mia Danakas Weinkauf on

    God bless the families and people affected by this . Ο Θεός να τους ευλογείσει με κουράγιο και υγεία

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