(Photos) Greece Recovering from Flash Floods; Devastation at Archdiocese’s Ionian Village Camp in Peloponnese


Four people have died during freak flash floods that have hit throughout Greece, primarily in the Peloponnese but also in villages in central Greece near Trikala, and Thessaloniki, where cars were washed into the sea.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America’s summer camp facility, Ionian Village, has suffered tremendous devastation throughout its property, according to photos published on their Facebook page.

The mayor of Kalamata Panagiotis Nikas said in a Reuters interview that the devastation was massive and he’s never seen anything quite like this before in his life.

More than five inches of rain fell in just a few hours in parts of Greece causing flash floods, mass destruction to villages along streams and rivers and four deaths, all in the Messinia province of the southern Peloponnese.

In a statement on their Facebook page, Ionian Village called the damage to their facility “extensive.”

“the devastation at the camp is extensive. The physical buildings and facilities of the campus have suffered substantial damage, and hundreds of trees have been either toppled or completely uprooted. While the Chapel of Saint Iakovos sustained only minor exterior damage, the area known as “The Pines”, the home to the unique Ionian Village Orthodox Life program, has been mostly destroyed. Extensive damage was also incurred at other major areas including the pool, the camper cabins, the cafeteria, the arts & crafts area, and the area behind the camp where the camp animals lived,” according to the statement.

A fundraising page was created and over $30,000 has been raised to date to cover the damages.

Photos from Ionian Village Facebook page.


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