Photos of the Day: The “Amerikanakia” in Greece


I’ve been called “the Amerikanaki” in Greece ever since I can remember. To some it may mean something demeaning… To me, it’s always been a term of endearment.

It’s who we are to our friends, family and neighbors when returning “home” to Greece for the summers.

And most certainly, the Australians are referred to as the “Afstralezakia” and the Canadians the “Canadezakia.”

Much to the dismay of many of my Canadian friends I spent summers with in Hania, they were all lumped together as “Amerikanakia” and like clockwork every time, they’d correct the local and say “We’re not American. We’re Canadian.”

But regardless of the place they come from in droves every summer, their purpose was one– to connect with a sacred land that their parents, grandparents or even grandparents came from.

I found these photos on my Facebook newsfeed, posted by an old friend who no doubt, had similar experiences as me, spending summers in Crete.

As a mother of two herself, Connie Harbilas Pitsoulis certainly understands the importance of getting the “Amerikanakia” back to the homeland.

I hope you enjoy her kids’ first experience on a donkey as much as I did.




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