(Photos) Athens Cathedral Scaffolding Free after Almost 40 Years


Thirty five years after the first scaffolding was erected to fix earthquake damage, the Athens Metropolitan Cathedral is completely scaffolding-free.

A 1981 earthquake caused damage, leading to almost four decades of construction, red tape, a second earthquake in 1999 which caused even more damage and years of wrangling between Church and government officials.

The Cathedral, known as the “Mitropoli” to worshipers and tourists alike, is a major city landmark and the scaffolding has been a contentious eyesore for decades.

Fascinating facts and photos from the illustrious history of the Athens Cathedral:

See video from the Royal Wedding of King Juan Carlos of Spain and Princess Sophia at the Athens Cathedral in 1962. Sophia is the sister of Greece’s then-King Constantine and a member of the now-deposed Greek Royal Family.



  1. the caption you have is wrong; the royal wedding is of Juan Carlos with Princess Sophia, who became Queen of Spain. Anna Maria is ex Kong Constantine’s wife.

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