(Photos) Angelina Jolie Latest Hollywood Celebrity to Visit Refugees in Greece


Angelina Jolie is the latest Hollywood celebrity to visit Greece and add her voice to the refugee crisis that has engulfed the continent for over a year.

The actress is a special envoy for the United Nations refugee agency and this visit is part of her work with that agency, seeking to bring more global attention totes of thousands of people stranded in Greece, following the border closure by the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia.

Jolie visited the port city of Piraeus where “fans” and media mobbed her.

Speaking at a press conference at a refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, just prior to her arrival in Greece, she called the treatment of refugees “tragic” and “shameful.”

“On this day, the fifth anniversary of the Syria conflict, that is where I’d hoped to be – in Syria, helping the UNHCR with returns and watching families I have come to know to be able to go home,” she said. ”It is tragic and shameful that we seem still so far from that point.”

UNHCR photos