Photo of the Day: A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Sorting Socks on the Beach


This past Sunday, a team of Czech, Croatian, German, Swedish, Irish, American, British, Spanish, Greek and Australian volunteers gathered on a beach on the island of Lesvos to sort and pin together thousands of pairs of dirty wet socks.

The team is part of The Dirty Girls, a group of volunteers rescuing wet clothing that is discarded by arriving refugees when the reach the island.


The Lesvos Island Dirty Girls (Photo from Facebook)

The Dirty Girls gather tons of clothing weekly and instead of throwing it in the dumpster or landfill, where it was going before their group was formed, they sort and launder, and return clean clothing to aid groups working throughout the island. After Sunday’s “Sock Pinning Party”, over 5000 pairs of socks were sent to the laundry— rather than the dump.

Read more about the Lesvos Dirty Girls here or follow the team on Facebook.


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