(Photo Gallery) Greek National Soccer Team Players’ Island of Choice for Post Cup R&R— Mykonos, of Course


Move over Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld… If you thought you were all the rage in Mykonos this summer and people were going nuts over your vacation there— wrong! The new Mykonos vacation buzz is all about Greek soccer.

Not one, not two— no, not even three members of Greece’s national soccer team were spotted on the sun-spoilt Greek island, but eight! The national heroes, whose national team finished in the top 16 teams in the World Cup got a well-deserved vacation in the Greek sun. Not sure of they were left alone enough to enjoy it, though.


mikonos-podosfairistes-1Panagiotis Kone

mikonos-podosfairistes-2Andreas Samaris

mikonos-podosfairistes-3Giorgos Tzavelas

mikonos-podosfairistes-4Panagiotis Glykos

mikonos-podosfairistes-5Kostas Mitroglou

mikonos-podosfairistes-6Alexandros Tziolis

mikonos-podosfairistes-7Panagiotis Tahtsidis

mikonos-podosfairistes-8Kostas Katsouranis


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  1. Love all your posts keep up the Great work and our pride for Greece and the people all over the Globe that are Greek

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