Parlapanides Brothers to Co-Write Military Thriller from ‘American Sniper’ Producers


The dynamic writing brothers duo Vlas & Charley Parlapanides, known for their script for Greek action film Immortals, will team up with the team that produced American Sniper to pen a new military ops thriller, according to an exclusive report from Variety.

The New Jersey natives, who have been writing together for several years, have worked with top Hollywood studios like Universal, Warner Brothers, Columbia and Paramount Pictures.

Following the success of American Sniper, Warner Brothers want dot keep the team together that produced that film and signed producer Robert Lorenz to make the still untitled film.

Lorenz, “American Sniper” writer Jason Hall and producer Peter Morgan will develop and produce the film, which follows a group of a group of military operatives who uncover an imminent threat within the United States. Vlas & Charley Parlapanides and Scott Charnick are writing the script.

Although working as writers for years, the brothers got their big great when Immortals hit international success. The $75 million film has grossed in excess of $400 million worldwide and it meant A-list status for the two Jersey Boys.

The Parlapanides brothers told a local New Jersey publication that they earned $400,000 for the Immortals script but they didn’t let stardom go to their heads.

“We went right back to work,’’ said Vlas Parlapanides. “You can’t have down time this business. You need to keep forging ahead and try keep momentum going,” adding that “Divided by the nine years we’ve been out here and then divided by two that’s about $40,000 a year.’’

While “Immortals’’ was an original screenplay, the basis of the tale came from stories their grandmother, Sophia Miniotos told them when they visited her on summertime trips to Patra, Greece.

“She would tell us stories based on Greek mythology when we were 5, 6, 7 years old,’’ Charley said. “Those stories were a jumping off point for us. Greek gods were the first super heroes.’’



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  2. The Ancient greek gods and goddesses were truly the first superheroes! The oral tradition is still strong amongst the Greek people. The Parlapanides brothers are natural storytellers in keeping with that tradition.

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