Our 10 Favorite Churches in Greece


Millions of tourists and believers flock annually to the well-known churches of Greece. Panagia Paraportiani on Mykonos, Meteora, the Church of Kapnikarea in central Athens and the blue-domed churches of Santorini are all known throughout the world– but here’s a list of 10 lesser-known churches, deep in beauty, spirituality and history.



  1. Another beautiful and overlooked church is the Church of the Virgin Mary Diotissa (or Virgin Mary of Vlaherna) on the island of Dias, which is a half mile off the coast of Kefalonia.

    According to http://www.kefalonia-ithaca.gr/livathos-areauk.htm, “One hundred steps lead up to the church, which is 24 m above sea-level and was built on the ruins of the Temple of Zeus (Dias). The church hosts a that celebration every year on July 2nd. “

  2. One correction: the Church of the Seven Martyrs is on the east coast of Sifnos, so the breathtaking “sunset” is actually a sunrise.

  3. There are epic churches everywhere you look in Greece! Traditional Christianity should be promoted more to tourists.

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