Oregon Man Makes Retired Olympic Airlines Jet– With a History– His New Home


Not all old Olympic Airlines jetliners are wasting away on the tarmac of the old Athens Airport. One of them, a Boeing 727 retired jet made its way to Portland, Oregon where one man has transformed the old airliner into his home.

Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer wants to change the behavior of mankind by showing how we can recycle old things into new and practical— and livable ones.

For about $220,000, which included flying the plane to Portlands commuter airport and towing it to his property – he purchased the Greek airliner that logged about 40,000 flights in its heyday.

But he got more than he thought in this old rust bucket. He didn’t learn until much later that his new house had quite a history.

Down the aisles once walked Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis herself when her then husband— Aristotle Onassis was transported to his final resting place in March of 1975. He compared the registration number of his house/plane to images he found online and it was a match— this was the airplane that transported Onassis’ coffin to Greece, after he died in France.

See the images below, including the image of the arrival of Aristotle Onassis’ coffin in Greece in 1975.

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  1. Hundreds (perhaps more than a thousand) hours of flight times i performed with this aeroplane in my career as a flight attendant with Olympic Airways. Mr BRUCE CAMBELL Thank you for keeping it alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Charlie Chihua on

    I wish I was rich enough to do something like this, well played sir.
    Why doesn't the Greek govt turn the abandoned Olympic airplanes at the old Ellinikon airport into hotels? I was there 3 weeks ago, so sad to see them rotting away like that. 🙁

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