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The Greek language is everywhere, in our civilization, our lifestyle, our ethos, our family and interpersonal relationships. The Greek language is retaining all the small and big stories of our lives. History, philosophy, science, theatre, poetry, the experiences of the previous generations; all are related to the Greek language. Why not let our children become a part of this?

Learn Greek and connect with Greeks around the world. Greek Lessons OnLine constitutes a promising message of disseminating the Greek language. The philosophy which underpins this service is simple, but still of great significance: wherever on the planet you might live, you can learn Greek and connect with other Greeks around the world! All you need is a computer, an internet connection and the will to learn!

Learning through constant interaction. Through the method of Greek Lessons OnLine, you will learn Greek in the most advanced, easy and interactive way. The lessons are delivered via a specially designed virtual classroom and not via Skype. Every time you join a Greek Lessons OnLine class the screen of your computer becomes an interactive whiteboard, which turns your Greek lesson into a student centered experience!

Curriculum is very essential. Apart from the online classroom functions, Greek Lessons OnLine does not just merely assign a teacher to deliver your or your child’s lessons. There is a specific program of study, which is followed by all teachers and is always adapted to the specific needs of each student. All educational material is constantly being updated and enriched with songs, videos, quizzes and many more educational tools. We employ amazing applications for you to learn Greek!

Monitoring students’ progress. The school management is closely monitoring the conduction of all lessons. The Director, the Course Coordinator and the teachers are constantly in contact with the students or their parents. As the Director of Studies mentions “We are committed to support our students in every way, at any time. We want to be sure that we do everything for them to learn Greek.”

Courses and classes for all learners and learning styles. You can choose the course which suits your level and needs best. You can sign up for private or group lessons (2-4 students) or for classes (5-12 students). Our experienced and specially trained teachers will provide you with guidance and assist you towards achieving your goal. Learning Greek with us is effective, fun and safe!

Qualified and specially trained teachers. Some people think that all Greeks can teach Greek. As in any other profession, you need special training and qualifications to deliver Greek lessons. The teachers working for Greek Lessons OnLine are qualified, experienced, and very well trained. “All teachers continue their training in order to stay at the top of the demands within Greek language teaching and the innovations of online delivery”.

The Greek School comes to your home. Greek Lessons Online brings Greek School and the teacher to you! Imagine this as opening a door to the magnificence of knowledge, from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Book a free trial lesson. Greek Lessons OnLine provides you and your children with high quality lessons, which you will appreciate from the very first free trial lesson!


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