On this Day January 31, 1941: Greek Women Doing Their Part for the War Effort


Taken on January 31, 1941 in the thick of the Greek winter high up in the Pindus Mountains of Epirus, Greek peasant women of the neighboring villages line up with their shovels to clear a snow-bound road for advancing Greek troops who are pushing back Italian invaders.

This particular photo was an Associated Press wire image that was circulated and featured in dozens of U.S. newspapers.

An article, titled “Those Greek Women” in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch praised the female contribution in Greece in the resistance against Mussolini.

“Today we read about Greek women, their faces wrapped in shawls, clearing the mountain passes with big snow shovels, so the Greek infantry can pursue the Italians. Again, when every man was needed for fighting, Greek women have brought supplies and ammunition up the mountain sides – 80-pound packs on their backs up 3,000-foot peaks.”


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