NYC Meets Greek Gods in One Artist’s Paper Cutout Series


I’m in love with Boo Paterson’s paper cutout artwork series called The Greek Gods in New York. So in love that I wanted share some of her images.

Paterson is a NYC-based artist, journalist and founder of Boo York City, an online lifestyle magazine that she runs.

She creates commissioned artwork for private clients and also spends time on things she loves— like mixing Greek mythology with the city she knows and loves so much.

In her piece Atlas & Rivington, the Greek titan isn’t holding up the globe— but an iconic tenement building in the Lower East Side.

Another piece, Eros & Delancey was inspired by the Williamsburg Bridge that connects Manhattan with Brooklyn while Sisyphus & 6th depicts everyone’s struggle trying to get up 6th Avenue on any given day or night.

The cutouts are lovely art pieces that mix Greek mythology with New York City in a very unique way.


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