Not for me but for my children’s sake


Christopher Tsarnas just became an Associate Producer of our “No Man is an Island” short film project with a generous $2500 donation. When his donation came in, he broke it up into four different names. I was curious emailed him to ask why.

I wanted to share his genuine response that came from the heart of this father.

“I not only donated on my behalf and my wife’s name, but in my children’s name too because I want them to know about this some day and to know that they were a part of history, that they too helped share this story.

“These are the stories that will make our children grow up to be the great Greeks we want them to be. Unfortunately they are not learning them in our existing communities and I am proud, excited and honored to call myself a member and supporter of the Greek America Foundation. Not for me, but for my children’s sake and the community I want them to grow up into.

“Thanks Greg and keep doing what you’re doing. Keep up the great work of the Greek America Foundation. The message of this film strikes at the very core of our Greekness. Our humanity.”

This film is about one of the darkest times in all of human history, when the Greek light was bright, and shining for all of humanity to see and learn by example.

If you’d like to follow Christopher and Katina Tsarnas’ lead and add your children’s name to history— do so here:


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