No to Mussolini’s Hate in 1940 and No to Golden Dawn’s Hate Today


Everyone is tossing around Winston Churchill’s quotes about heroes fighting like Greeks and waving their Greek flags on Facebook. Although extremely admirable and patriotic— I too feel it— I’m not so concerned about writing this year about what happened in 1940 or sharing a quote that has become a bit overused.

I’m more concerned about the “NO!” that the people of Greece must say, today, to the Neo-Nazis– to the ideological offspring of the Nazis of the 1940s– who today have infiltrated Greek towns and cities like rats, preying off of the poorest and most vulnerable of Greek society.

This year, instead of just sharing a Greek flag and a Churchill quote— let’s also say No! to the Golden Dawn Neo-Nazis who try to undermine the very essence of the freedom that the generation of 1940’s heroes actually fought for.

On October 28, 2013— let’s say NO! to Golden Dawn and make a personal commitment to stare these rodents in the face and tell them that they didn’t belong in Greece of 1940 and they certainly don’t belong in Greece of 2013.

Long live Greece. Long live the freedom fighters of October 28th 1940… and October 28, 2013.

The attached photo says it all for today’s holiday– a young school girl marching proudly with her Greek flag and uniform in a Greek parade. Hellenism, after all, should welcome all who espouse its ideals, its culture, its beliefs and principles… Regardless of race, DNA or ethnicity. (Thanks Antonios Kouris for the pic)



  1. Unfortunately any politcal and economic climate in disarray creates a vulnerable frightened people …in short a climate where Nazis flourish. The era in Germany after WWI a time of defeat, political financial instability was ripe for Hitler.The current situation in Greece today has provided the environment for Neo Nazis to raise their heads and march the goosestep in the cradle of democratic thought.

  2. Con Giannitsos on

    Greek American elitists have no idea about most stuff actually. They should stick to corny number plates around Astoria and tarpon sprins…..

  3. Bill V Alexandros on

    Germany has a neo-Nazi party – the NPD. If you guys at the Pappas Post have researched your own government's classification, the State Department considers the Golden Dawn "an extreme nationalist organization, but not neo-Nazi.

    I guess you guys mu linked to both KKE and SYRIZA have missed the bomb that radical leftists planted and detonated today in Nea Erythrea.

    Here is the watered down link from a leftist paper that barely give's a rat's ass that lives were endangered.

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