My Epic Weekend… Sorry for being away for so long


I’ve been away for a while. My apologies for taking so long to write. But I’ve been busy with the Gabby Awards, a biennial celebration of “Greek America’s Best and Brightest” stars that I created back in 2009 and have since organized and hosted through the Greek America Foundation. The Gabby Awards took place over a week ago– May 25th to be exact, but it took me a while to recover and bounce back.

The first Gabby Awards were held in Chicago in 2009, at the Reskin Theater on Michigan Avenue– a historic burlesque theater from the early 1900s occupying a position of prominence in the city’s entertainment history.

In 2011 we raised the bar even higher and returned to “where it all began” inside the Hall of Registry, on Ellis Island, where millions of immigrants took their first steps as Americans.

Both the ’09 and ’11 Gabbys were special. But the recently concluded 2013 Hollywood Gabby Awards were epic and beyond my wildest expectations.

Don’t take it from me, ask anyone who was there… It was by far, the most significant weekend event in the history of the Greek American community. Never before has so much talent and success come together in a single space to celebrate our common heritage.

Over the coming days, I will be posting updates from specific events during the Gabby Awards weekend in Hollywood. A bit out of order– and my apologies in advance– but it’s the only way you will be able to fully understand the complete scope and magnitude of what we accomplished in Hollywood.


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