All Other Movies Can Go To Hell. One Greek Mother’s Response to Nia Vardalos’ News


A video is going viral online, even showing up on Time Magazine’s website and other blogs, showing the response of one Greek American mother’s reaction when she heard that Nia Vardalos has decided to make a sequel to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

The video, shot and uploaded to YouTube by her son Angelo, show’s his mom’s excitement. “All the other movies can go to hell” she says, while putting what appears to be galatoboureko in a tupperware container for her son to take with him when he leaves. “I’m the only one who makes it moist,” she tells her son.

And the best takeaway from her reaction— “To hell what people say” about people who are saying that the sequel won’t be as good as the first.

Indeed. To hell what people say. Oh– and mom also reminds the world… This is where life began. With the Greeks. Life began with the Greeks.”



  1. SoFie T Sophia on

    kai h alhtheia tous ponaei ollous alla h kuria einai sosti opos o pateras mesa sto my big fat greek wedding oti……olla arhisane apo tous Ellines from literally before Christ…and more people in today's world need to know this to appreciate the root of all…ohi mono na koroithevoun toys ellines otan pernane ta hirotera kai thn krisii…..growing up in North America my parents made sure I knew of where it all came from constantly and I know most of you can relate how irritating it would get at at times…lol….but as we got older we realized it was true and we are so proud of our roots our heritage and our peoples' MANY contributionS TO THIS SOCIETY….so when one of our own…Nia Vardalos…represents like this we are thankful to her also for literally keeping it real to our Greek roots!!!! Giassou Nia you rock gurl!!! Much love.

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