Michigan Elderly Women Trespass— for Grape Leaves


A breaking news tip from our reader, Helen R. from suburban Detroit, Michigan where local elderly women made local news headlines when they were accused of trespassing on a man’s property— to pick grape leaves.

The crime took place in mid July in an area heavily populated by Greeks, who are known to use grape leaves in their cooking.

But we would never allege that Greeks were part of such a horrific crime, especially given that there are also large pockets of Middle Eastern-descent people who also live in the area and have their own variations of food using grape leaves.

Police, who were dispatched to the property to investigate and most likely, to look for clues and DNA evidence from the perpetrators, said this wasn’t the first time people have been caught trespassing on the victim’s property to cut grape leaves.

The sly thieving women apparently smelled trouble and fled before police arrived on the property to investigate.

Similar egregious crimes have often been reported in other cities across the nation, especially suburban Chicago, where woman can be seen swerving off to the side of the highway and emerging from their cars with a plastic bag and knife, picking weeds that they can spot from miles away.

The recent crime in suburban Detroit was so horrific, that it made the local newspaper.

Thanks to our reader Helen R. from Detroit for sharing this tip with us.

Thanks to our reader Helen R. from Detroit for sharing this tip with us.


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