Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Buys Mykonos; Begins Island’s Transformation to Resemble His Country


Mexican Billionaire businessman Carlos Slim has completed his purchase of the Greek island of Mykonos and wasted no time in fulfilling his promise to transform the island into a “small Mexican village,” according to sources.

He purchased the Greek island for an undisclosed amount, but real estate sources on the island say the transaction was worth more than $4 billion.

The richest man in the world, as ranked in Forbes Magazine between 2000 to 2013, is investing heavily in the Balkans, recently entering negotiations to buy a Bulgarian telecom company. He told friends he wanted a nearby island to escape to on the weekends during his negotiations with the Bulgarians.

He immediately began painting Mykonos’ famous white-washed village into bright Mexican-inspired pastels.

According to Forbes, his corporate holdings alone are estimated at over $70 billion.




  1. Heres the real scoop…
    A television commercial for the Mexican beer Corona transformed the sleepy blue and white-washed village of Mykonos into a fiery blaze of pastels and color, never-before seen on the island. The shoot lasted two days and used more than 150 residents of the island.

    Many of the white houses and buildings were painted in different colors of pastels— matching the colors of Mexico. The premise of the commercial is that Mykonos is magically transformed into Mexico when two bottle sod Corona beer are served to a couple at a traditional taverna.

    The commercial was shot by Green Olive Films and Red Magma Media, for Corona’s global ad campaign.

  2. Christos Ginius on

    That's funny !! first time i read this news here. Of course Mykonos is NOT for sale !! Don't disiformation please !! The truth is that Maria Foskaris write.
    From Christos that i live and breath in Greece !!

  3. αγαπημενη μου Μαρια ειμαι η στελλα πουγνωριζεις απλως ειμαι κενουργια σε αυτον τον κοσμο του διαδυκτιου και πηγενω ψαχνωντας μονη μου

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