McParthenon in 2016 to Assist Cash-Strapped Greece’s Budget Woes


(ACN) In a desperate effort to raise funds, the Greek Government announced this week an unprecedented deal with McDonalds Corporation to sell rights to the Parthenon for 99 years. The finances of the deal were not made public but a Facebook post by a Ministry of Economy secretary revealed that it was worth an estimated $30 billion.

According to company sources, McDonalds plans to paint the ancient temple yellow and red— signature colors of the international fast food chain with more than 34,000 restaurants in 120 countries around the world. The company will take over the Parthenon’s gift shop and snack shop, which will be transformed into a McCafe.

Seeking to expand into unique venues, McDonalds officials also announced plans to take over other ancient sites including Rome’s Coliseum and Stonehenge in England, where a restaurant will be built inside the circular temple allowing automobiles to zig-zag the megalith rocks that comprise the site before approaching the drive up window.

In its attempt to respect the local culture, McDonalds said it will serve Greek-inspired cuisine, including the McGyro and even McKokoretsi. Employees will wear Greek-god themes costumes and will greet customers in Classical Greek.

“This is all part of our effort to respect the local culture we strive to serve and also teach tourists the importance of the site,” according to Ray Rock, Vice President of International Expansion at the food giant.



  1. Eleni Hioni…οσι ξερουν Αγγλικα να το διαβασουν. Αυτά δεν μας τα λενε!!!! Δεν μου μενει καιρος γιατι θα το μεταφραζα!

  2. By painting it yellow and red you will respect our culture??? The Greek economic problem was cause by the government who is negotiating the 30 million, so they can take advantage of more CORRUPTION and then blame the peoples of Greece. A revolution is not far, and we do not want the red and yellow of McDonald's, this we proved by not patronizing their food chain and closing all but the airport place!!! GO AWAY….YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!

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