On this Day May 31, 1941: Crete Falls to Nazis at Heavy Cost


May 31, 1941 Crete was taken by the Nazis. Despite the victory, the battle cost them the entire war and the biggest human losses than any previous campaign up to that point in the war. Just two days before the Allied surrender, Hitler himself sent a cable to his general on the ground, asking: France fell in eight days, why is Crete still free?

The iconic image depicts German soldiers, laying their troops to rest in what will be their final resting place– the fertile and hospitable grounds of Crete.

Today, at the German War Cemetery outside Hania, the remains of thousands of invading Germans. A total of 5,000 Nazis died in Crete.


The German cemetery outside Hania is the final resting place of almost 5,000 Nazi soldiers who lost their lives during the Battle of Crete


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