Londoners Help Tackle Greece’s Stray Dog Crisis


A team of London volunteer vets arrived in Greece in September to lend their support to Panagiota Tsagkou, who runs a veterinary clinic in Lechena, western Peloponnese. Her town, like many throughout Greece, have been overcome by the influx of stray dogs.

Every night after midnight, she treks to the beach to feed the stray dogs and identifies animals that might have health issues. She treats animals at her own expense and has also conducted numerous surgeries to sterilize the strays.

The problem has been exacerbated by the financial crisis as many Greeks who cannot afford pets simply abandon them on beaches and town squares.

A team of British vets from London have lent their support, visiting Lechena for a week in September to help Dr. Tsagkou conduct more spaying and neutering surgeries on the local stray population. The effort was led by veterinary surgeon Dr. Hugo Richardson of the London Vet Clinic (LVC) in Marylebone and supported by generous donations from clients at Richardson’s clinic.

According to a BBC report by Emilia Papadopoulos, it is believed that there are more than a million stray dogs throughout Greece.



  1. Lynette van Duyn on

    Sadly, all of this is messed up – think about it …

    Why do we, as foreigners, need to fight for Crete? What makes Crete so WEAK that it cannot fight for itself??

    CRETE, get off your lay buts!! Foreigners do NOT appreciate your disregard of animals.

    Thank you

    Lynette van Duyn

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