Launching Our #MadeInGreece Campaign to Support and Promote Greek Talent


We’re proud to launch our very own #MadeInGreece campaign to promote, support and provide awareness to Greek talent in Greece. In these trying economic times, it’s important to support those who have stayed behind and have continued fighting for their country and for what they believe.

We’re hoping to build a database of companies, stories, entrepreneurs of products, services and other stories highlighting Greek talent, quality and creativity.

In all cases, we will support and promote companies that have an active eCommerce presence and can sell and ship abroad.

Through our posts, we not only seek to connect these companies to thousands of potential consumers abroad in search of good quality Greek products, designs and styles— but also with business to business opportunities.

In addition to a regular “product of the week” series, we’ll also interview Greek entrepreneurs who can share their stories and perhaps even connect with someone abroad who can help them expand their business.

There are many ways to help this campaign be successful. We encourage our readers to read the stories, share them with their social networks and help us promote and support products, services and designs that are #MadeinGreece and by all means, if you see something you like, click the “buy” button and support these companies.

If you know of a good company or a product that you’d like to see profiled or featured, please email send us an email with as much information as possible, including links and company information to Agamemnon Polyzois to this email.



  1. George Rozakis on

    This is a great idea but it has to be clearer that this goes both ways. There has to be a way for the Diaspora to look for connections in Greece to help Greece. The government business development people in Greece seem non responsive. (I emailed them through the American Greek Embassy web site)

    • leave politics out of this project!!! This needs to be a by the people, for the people initiative. Government will only corrupt this great idea and Gree e doesn’t need anymore of that.

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