You Know You’re Greek When… The Easter Edition


Go ahead, admit it. We’re strange. Our neighbors think we slaughter animals in our basements and believe we are members of a secret society when they see us pulling up in our driveway in the middle of the night holding lit candles.

Here are some tell-tale signs that YOU are Greek… The Easter edition. Feel free to add your own at the end of the story in the comments.



  1. Veliota Tiana Andreas on

    Hilarious! Also, ever try to explain to one of those American friends what the ingredients are in Mageritsa?? “Did you say lamb intestines???”

  2. Lara Fountain Latto on

    When you get home from the midnight service you out a sign on the "winning egg" that says "Don't Eat" so you can take it back to the Glendi to challenge others.


    Yeah – we went to church – home after Midnight with lit candles in the car. All the Greeks do it in America – we are not in Greece to light fireworks, etc. We then make the sign of the cross on the ceiling – eat mageritsa, (won’t tell you what kind of soup), then we hit red eggs to see who’s will break, roast lamb, sing, dance, enjoy family – for what? BECAUSE HE WHO SAVED US IS RISEN! CHRISTOS ANESTI – HE HAS RISEN!

  4. As a child, you’ve intentionally burnt other people’s hair in church without their knowing. And then were smacked upside the head by some unrelated adult for doing so. lol

  5. Maggie Moutafis on

    Or you are “baptising a dog in a garbage can with “a friend” using his camera as a thimiato, right Greg?

  6. Dena Kouremetis on

    How about — during marathon church services — hunched over so your parents can’t see it — when you and your siblings amused yourselves by dripping hot wax droplets off your Anastasi candles onto your hands? My brothers and I claimed we had gotten fake measles, but it got us through the night…. as the half-dozen psaltis droned on.

  7. Helen Zachos Oakley on

    OMG! This is HYSTERICAL. So true, So true. A friend asked me how I cook Lamb and said I only know how on an open Spit in the yard. Don't recommend it in Neighborhoods as those in the area think you've killed a dog. My Uncles used to fight over who got to eat the eyeballs. YUCK!

  8. Christina Sunas McGinnis on

    Protestants take you literally when you say you
    fast for 40 days and don’t understand how anyone can go without food for that long..AND think you’re a radical form of evangelicals when we are in church Monday thru Sunday @ , multiple times of the day….

    • Evyenia Stathopoulos on

      What do you mean, “not down with the lamb thing. What a cruel custom…”!? Lamb are raised for food, like cows, pigs, chickens, etc…

  9. Evyenia Stathopoulos on

    We used to dig a pit in the yard to light a fire and skewer a whole lamb on a spit with a hand crank. My dad cut 2 Y shaped tree limbs to hold the spit as we ALL took turns rotating it. We not only lived in a neighborhood but our house was on a corner with a stop sign so everyone could see the whole yard. Cars would slow down even more to get a glimpse of “What the heck IS that?” Walkers and bike riders could not stop staring as they went by. Well, with the fire, the lamb with its tongue hanging out, delicious aromas, Greek music playing… who wouldn’t stare? My dad, a sister, 3 brothers and their widowed mother. Each of the siblings had a spouse and each of the 5 couples had 3 children, are you counting? That’s a Γιαγια (grandmother), ten θιες (aunts) and θιος (uncles), and 15 cousins. Twenty-six loud, laughing, dancing and singing Greeks! Celebrating the resurrection of Christ and the joy of family together again as the last brother and sister had finally immigrated with their families to America. Some of us meeting for the first time and others reuniting after too many years apart– Thanks for the memories! Χριστος Ανεστι!

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