Hundreds Stranded, Delayed as Startup Airline SkyGreece Fails to Take Off as Rumors of Bankruptcy Circulate Online


Dozens of enraged customers are turning to social media to vent their frustration over numerous delays— one even four days long— by startup airline SkyGreece, founded by a team of Greek Canadians, including a Greek Orthodox priest named Fr. Nicholas Alexandris.

The airline’s phones went straight to a message stating that flights have been cancelled due to “operational reasons.” The airline’s social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter have been taken down.

Hundreds of Facebook users are venting their frustrations on a new group called SkyGreece Troubles.

Despina Flouras-Anastasopoulos reports via Facebook that people are camped out at the Athens Airport waiting for word from the company.

While unsubstantiated, numerous commentators are citing that the airline has filed bankruptcy protection and is no longer operating.

The Pappas Post was not able to confirm this.

Toronto’s City News reported on the airline’s 4-day delay on August 20th that seemed to be the start to the domino effect impacting all future flights for this one-plane airline.

But problems started early on, when oxygen masks were needed right after take-off during a flight from Athens to Toronto Pearson airport back in June.



  1. Most luckly as expected underfunded. You can buld an airline with sentimental dreams you got to have deep pockets.

    • Steve, what are you talking about? Father Nicholas HAS the deepest of pockets. For a priest like him, I cant believe the things he owns and is a part of financially. I wonder what else him and the Bishop own together. Anyhow, ‘sentimental dreams’ or deep pockets , doesnt excuse how they have behaved in the media and to the poor passengers who got screwed. What a bunch of crooks.

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