Holocaust Memorial in Kavala Desecrated Two Weeks After Installation


A monument erected to commemorate and honor the 1,484 Greeks from Kavala, who were deported and exterminated at the Treblinka concentration camp during World War II, was desecrated with blue paint in the early hours of Sunday, June 21, 2015.

The installation of the memorial brought international attention on the city of Kavala, in northern Greece, when the city’s mayor, Dimitra Tsounaka, refused to allow it to be erected unless the Star of David was taken off it.

Following an international outcry, two weeks after the scheduled date, the ceremony was held and the memorial was officially installed, after years of delays.



  1. Kleopatra Zarbi on

    The mayor of the city of Kavala tried to privent this exact reaction.
    Hundreds of thousants of Greeks, over e million, died during the German occupation.
    Inside Greece or in Hitler’s concentration camps…. There are many monuments.
    But NO…… There had to be a spacial monument for those ” special people” .
    THE ONE WITH THE STAR … Now the city will suffer the consequences.
    As if the Greeks are not ALL ONE .
    No , there must be a special cast, one with a STAR.

  2. Kleopatra, the memorial was specifically for the Jews of Kavala so the Star of David in significant. Yes, Greeks, Christian and Jews alike suffered. Many Greek family’s risked their lives to hide theirJewish neighbors. It is very sad that those that died as well as the many heros have to be disrespected by the antic Semitic Greeks of today. Shame on you and shame on the moronic mayor of Kavala.

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