Hillary Clinton Issues Position Paper on Greek Issues; Includes Debt Relief for Greece


Just days away from a crucial election, Hillary Clinton becomes the first of the two major party candidates to release official positions on issues of importance to Greek Americans. In her campaign’s position paper, which was released on November 4, Clinton mentions her record with Greece and Greek Americans during her time as First Lady, a U.S. Senator, and as Secretary of State.

During a July 2011 trip to Greece as Secretary of State, Clinton visited the Acropolis Museum

During a July 2011 trip to Greece as Secretary of State, Clinton visited the Acropolis Museum

According to her statement:

“As First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary regularly engaged with leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church. She visited the Ecumenical Patriarchate three times, highlighting its importance: once as First Lady in 1996, again in 1999 when she returned with President Bill Clinton – the first sitting US President ever to visit – and again in 2011 as Secretary of State. Hillary is a long-time advocate of religious freedom. And she was proud to represent the vibrant Greek American community in New York as Senator.”

Her statement continued on her record as Secretary of State:

“As Secretary of State, Hillary visited Greece in 2011 and signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen collaboration and reduce looting and trafficking of Greek antiquities, and provide for their return to Greece to preserve its cultural heritage. During this visit, she also reinforced the U.S.-Greece partnership in the NATO alliance and reiterated the U.S.’s support of the Greek government to make the necessary reforms to put Greece back on sound financial footing.”

What does she promise if elected President?

“As President,” the statement reads, “Hillary will continue to fight for issues that are important to the Greek American Community” and goes on to list numerous points including her commitment to strengthening NATO and recognizing the important role Greece plays in the alliance, and to the United States.

“Hillary knows that the world is too complex and too complicated for the U.S. to go it alone. Greece is a historic friend and ally of the United States, and the bilateral relationship is critical in promoting regional stability and security, trade and investment, and the diversification of energy resources for Europe. Hillary recognizes Greece’s important role as a NATO ally. Greece hosts the U.S. Naval Support Activity at Souda Bay in Crete, whose deep protected harbor provides a strategically important location for supporting U.S. and allied military activities in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. As President, Hillary will ensure that we support Greece and work together on important issues such as climate change, fighting terrorism, and economic security. Above all, this is an alliance of values, rooted in a deep commitment to liberty and democracy.”

The position paper also mentioned that Clinton would support debt relief for Greece, a position long-argued by the Greek government as the only viable path forward for the country’s economy, which has been in a severe depression for several years.

“The economic crisis that struck Greece in 2009 caused its economy to contract by about 25 percent and, resulted in dramatic increases in unemployment and poverty. Hillary supports Greece’s efforts to restore fiscal stability, implement structural reforms, recover competitiveness and restart growth. And she strongly believes that the Eurozone should continue to take the necessary steps to keep its monetary union intact. Hillary will continue to support efforts by Greece and its creditors to find solutions for Greece to meet its financial obligations, while providing a path forward for economic recovery through debt relief.”

Clinton also acknowledge the role the people of Greece have played in helping refugees and called them “an example to Europe and the world,” and praising their generosity and compassion.

“Hillary recognizes the tremendous efforts made by the Greek people to offer humanitarian aid and assistance to the hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants who have entered the country since 2015. The generosity and compassion they have demonstrated set an important example for Europe and the world. Hillary will continue to call for a more robust international response to the European migration crisis. She will also ensure the U.S. maintains its role as the largest donor of humanitarian assistance to displaced persons and refugees.”

Finally, Clinton called for a solution to the four-decades-long Cyprus conflict and continued illegal Turkish occupation of the northern third of the island— a long-standing issue that numerous Presidents prior have attempted– but failed to solve.

“Hillary strongly supports efforts to reach a comprehensive settlement to reunify Cyprus as a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation. She supports Cypriot-led, UN-facilitated negotiations as the best process to achieve a fair and lasting settlement. Hillary views Cyprus as a strategic partner of the United States, and she values our close cooperation with Cyprus and the European Union in advancing our shared transatlantic priorities.”

The complete position paper can be viewed here.

Editor’s note: We have asked for a position paper on Greek issues numerous times from the campaign of the Republican candidate, Mr. Donald Trump. Our requests have gone unanswered. As soon as we receive them, we will provide the same coverage to the Trump campaign’s positions.



  1. How do you derive your article’s title from this reference in the position paper? “Hillary will continue to support efforts by Greece and its creditors to find solutions for Greece to meet its financial obligations, while providing a path forward for economic recovery through debt relief.”

    All she said was that she agrees that the ongoing process in the Eurozone goes forward.

    I think you are reaching…..

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    Greece was ridiculed and the receiver of many jokes and criticism for its mismanagement. A total default in its obligations as Trump preferred would have further segregated Greece till this day.

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    • Nikos - Athens on

      This is not true. I will not focus on whether Trump has one position and Hillary another one. Chief economists in the US government are fully aware of the past and the current situation of the greek economy, including of course the commitment from the part of the EU lenders and the IMF for a debt reconstruction according to the 3rd Memorandum signed between Greece and Troika.
      The fact is that these economists, both in US and Europe have reached the point where there is simply nothing else to be done to save the greek economy apart from two solutions:
      A) Freeze the austerity measures that have so severely hit the country s economy during the last 6 years bringing it to the brink of poverty. Instead push forward for measures that will bring money, lower unemployment rates and tackle tax evasion. A reconstruction of the national debt would further boost the GDP in a very short time, without a real cost to the international lenders.
      B) Help the country to exit the eurozone with all the positive and negative effects that this would imply. The terms of grexit agreed by the 2 parties would hugely determine the outcome and the future state of the greek economy, as well as the amount of loss suffered by the lenders on the national debt.
      Now why is everyone pretending not to understand these simple facts (I am not an economist by the way I am an engineer) leads us to another 2 simple conclusions:
      A) The EU and other international players behind the lenders of the greek economy have no long term interest in helping the country overcome the major problem that is continuing for the 6th consecutive year.
      B) They are simply waiting due to political and/or speculative reasons for the right “moment” to interfere.
      At the same time ofcourse millions of people are indefinetely suffering in a small country sonewhere in the south balkans, which is not worth saving and needs to continuously suffer for the sake of God Knows Why.

        • Nikos - Athens on


          Thank you for your comment. My suspicion to the point of certainty is that Greece is not only strategic but also a top value investment project for many, and this whole “crisis” was deliberately caused so that the country s property (infrastructure, production facilities, tourist holdings, real estate to name but a few)”changes hands” in a very efficient way.

    • Unfortunately she won’t. I don’t think it can be undone. I was greatly dissapointed as you were.
      At least we can go forward in a sane way, whereas with trump we would be the laughing stock of the world, except Russia.
      Just returned from Greece and Germany. Both countries are clearly laughing in disbelief that this loose canon is on the ballot. But everyone is entitled to their opinion and vote.

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  4. The picture says it all… Hilary Clinton admiring the Ancient Greek statue. and the achievements of the Hellenic eira. .. Looking at the statue thinking what the Greeks achieved and look how us Americans has forsaken the Greeks today. After all wasn’t her husband Bill Clinton who started the Balkan Yugoslav war. Bombed and killed thousands of Serbs to support the Muslim reign in the Balkans ? Wasn’t it Bill Clinton and later his off sider George W Bush , who SHAFTED GREECE by sponsoring the Former Yugoslavs the name MACEDONIA ???
    Get lost Hilary Clinton its too late for your sympathy ! GREEKS DON’T FORGET !!!

  5. Good luck with your hate, anger, and rage folks.
    End of story. Done here.

    P.S. Gregory; nice post, thank you for taking the time to contact and get this out. Keep your fingers crossed for a 3am tweet reply from Donald.

  6. The President of the United States Donald Trump in the coming weeks will visit GREECE. He will meet with the Greek priminister Alexis Tsipras as Trump will make a speech in support of Greece , using the Acropolis as the back ground. The dictatorship , propaganda and lies of the Clinton / Bush/ Obama administration eira is OVER !

    The Turks will return to their prehistoric CAVE were they always belong… The Former Yugoslavs will no longer be called MACEDONIA. And those FAKE plaster copies of Ancient Hellenic statues and marbles of Alexander the Great in Skopje will be knocked down and destroyed ! GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP – GOD BLESS AMERICA … GOD BLESS GREECE !

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