On this Day June 10, 1944: Haunting Images from the Nazi Massacre at Distomo


On June 10, 1944, one of the most brutal events in all of World War II took place in the tiny Greek village of Distomo, on the Greek mainland. According to survivor testimony, Nazi SS troops went door to door and massacred 218 Greek civilians.

Survivors said that the Nazis bayoneted babies in their cribs and stabbed pregnant women and beheaded the village priest. It was a two-hour killing spree ordered by the Germans in retaliation for rebel activity in the area.

Mark Mazower’s book “Inside Hitler’s Greece” carried extensive testimony and first hand accounts from the massacre and is one of the best contemporary re-tellings of the massacre.

The iconic American magazine LIFE also carried a photo essay in its November 24, 1944 edition.



  1. Sheryll Carpenter Pitts on

    My Grandfathers family were killed in Distomo Massacre George Edward Chamales I am looking for any names of his Mother and Father and family that were murdered by the NAZIs

    • Ourania Grozotis on

      Hi Sheryll, google Argiris Sfountouris, he witnessed the massacre, his parents and relatives were also murdered in the massacre. He was very young and was sent to an orphanage, later sent to Switzerland where he studied astrophysics, returned to Greece and has been campaigning for justice for the Dimostomo’s massacre. If anyone was to help, perhaps he might be the best option. Best of luck.

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