Happy Birthday Mom


Just a brief post today to honor and commemorate the most important person in my life, on her 70th birthday. My mom.

The photo is from September 1962 when she was about to board the Olympia in Piraeus, en route to the New World to begin her new life— as an American.

She was a young, 17-year-old newlywed to a man she barely knew for a few weeks– if that (she’s never really told me how long the “courtship” with my dad actually lasted)… Just like she’s always insisted she was 18 when she got married… but I did the math. 😉

Today, more than a half century later, a mother and a grandmother, left widowed in her 50s by my father’s untimely death almost 20 years ago, she is the single rock in my life that has never wavered— ever.

So today… I dedicate this post to her. Happy Birthday mom and inside my heart, the Greek wish of “Xronia Polla” (Many Years) becomes more than a wish today, but a prayer.


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