What Happens When Hipsters Invade a Greek Island Panegyri on Ikaria


The scene was the idyllic Greek village called Rahes, on the island of Ikaria— the mythic island of Ikaros and Dedalos, where people forget to die. It was a traditional village celebration… wine flowing, maidens dressed in their finest, wooing young bachelors across the village square, in the shadow of the kabanario— the church bell tower. It’s the stuff movie scenes are made of. You can almost smell the salt in the air from the Aegean Sea and the fresh oregano, growing wild on the hillside. Strums of the violin playing ancient rhythms… And then… the hipsters arrive.



  1. Great stuff! I live in Ikaria for half the year in the village of Panagia, just up from Agios Kyrikos. Heading back in a week or so to get ready to harvest my olives and work on my latest book. Why do people live so long in Ikaria? Because it’s worth it!

  2. Just awful…now I’m sad. I’m sure they meant well, but it was a pretty disrespectful and arrogant display; no class.

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