Greeks Gone West Episide 6: Matthew Bogdanos


Greeks Gone West is a series of video vignettes the US Embassy in Athens created that features interviews with a diverse range of Greek Americans, their work and their connection to Greece. Each video is roughly three minutes long and addresses how each of the 23 participants came to do what they do, whether a music supervisor, a film director, an HIV doctor, a restaurateur, an advertising guru, fashion designer and several other people, and what they plan to do next. We hear about their experiences and relations with Greece, but mainly we hear how they’ve pushed through the toughest parts of their journey. The series was released over the summer and featured on the Kathimerini website. Through a special agreement with the United States Embassy in Athens, The Pappas Post will feature one episode daily for its audience beginning on October 15, 2014. Subscribe to The Pappas Post YouTube channel for updates when new episodes are uploaded. Click this link and click the “subscribe” button.

Episode 6: Matthew Bogdanos

This video features Matthew Bogdanos, assistant district attorney in Manhattan (since 1988), author and colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserves.


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