Greek Vegan Publishes Spring 2016 Edition of Nisteia Magazine


One of the internet’s most popular Greek bloggers, The Greek Vegan, and columnist right here on The Pappas Post has released the Spring 2016 edition of Nisteia Magazine, the second installment of the print edition which sold out last year to rave reviews.

The perfect bound magazine is comprised of 56 full-color pages, 25 detailed recipes with photos and four feature articles.

This issue of Nisteia magazine is dedicated to celebrating the simplicity and beauty of authentic, traditional Greek vegan food.

Simply prepared and presented, the dishes on these pages showcase the culinary magic created out of the same, simple ingredients combined in endless variation.

In just the way a symphony is composed of a finite set of simple notes, these ordinary vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds and even weeds are transformed here into some of the most flavorful, complex and sophisticated dishes in the world.

The fact that they are all meat and dairy free is an extraordinary testament and tribute to the simple genius of generations of Greek cooks who worked within the strict fasting seasons of the Orthodox Church and the often challenging agricultural landscape of Greece to bring these recipes to life.

And NEW this year, digital copies on iTunes and Kindle/Amazon are also available. Order digital or print copies here.

Sample Pages from Nisteia Magazine 2016 Spring Edition:


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