Greek Pride (?) Displayed on the Road


We’ve started a photo album on The Pappas Post Facebook Page called “On The Road– Greek Style” with Greek-inspired license plates– spotted on North American roadways from coast to coast. Most of the plates have been sent to us by our readers. To date, we’ve received dozens– some cute and funny, others borderline offensive (to some) and hilarious to others.

In Canada, governments have catalogs of foreign language curse words and a vanity license plate like “MALAKA” would not pass the censors there, as it did in Pennsylvania.

Different states in the USA have different rules for the use of vanity plates. The bottom line– Greeks abroad show their “blue and white” colors in different way– some with their vanity plates on their beloved motor vehicles. If you have any you’d like to share, log into Facebook and send a photo to our page via the message option.



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