A Greek Cycling Champion Needs Our Help


As proven at the Rio Olympics— Greek athletes struggling against all odds to be present and competing, proudly representing their nation, can win— even when pressured by some of the most difficult conditions.

George Stavrakakis from Hania, on the island of Crete is a recent European Cycling Champion who needs our help to get to the World Championships in Doha. He has an impressive record of wins and has a great opportunity to become one of the elite cyclists on the planet. But he needs our help.

The numbers aren’t huge— about $6000 for a new world class bike and other equipment, to give a young Greek athlete the chance to compete with other global elites in cycling.

We often talk about the power of the Greek diaspora as an opportunity to help Greece out of financial crisis.

If 200 people reading this post have it in their hearts and pocketbooks to donate $30 each, George Stavrakakis— the European Champion— can represent Greece at the World Championships.

Actually, one diaspora Greek named Tony Lourakis from Toronto has already risen to the occasion, kicking off our fundraising campaign with a generous donation.

According to Lourakis on why he rose to the occasion and kicked off the fundraiser with a $500 donation: “What struck me most was the resilience these kids have and their determination, despite the financial crisis and the lack of support from their government or athletic federations to remain true to their sport and represent Greece until the end.”

What’s it worth to see the Greek flag flying proudly when the national anthem is playing? It’s worth $30 to me, as well as the knowledge that I helped even a little bit.

Have a look and please consider adding your name to the list of supporters.

Cover photo by Nassos Triantafyllou Photography.


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