“Greek by birth. Wrestler by heart. Passionate about life” Helen Maroulis Scores Upset of the Rio Olympics with Wrestling Gold for Team USA


The analogies of a wrestler of Greek heritage competing in the modern Olympics— even though she’s a woman— could be many. Think of all this ancient vases with images of nude wrestlers competing in the ancient Games.

And think about how she describes herself on her online bio:“Greek by birth. Wrestler by heart. Passionate about life.”

Helen Maroulis carried on this fine athletic tradition of her forefathers and gave enthusiastic global audiences the upset win of the Rio Olympics, winning a gold medal for Team USA with a 4-1 win over Japan’s legendary Saori Yoshida— an undefeated 13-time world champion and triple Olympic medalist.

Two things were on Maroulis’ mind after her stunning victory.

God and Greek food.

Her immediate thoughts after the victory: “Christ in me, I am enough.” A devout Christian, Maroulis owes her success to her faith in God and often Tweets and shares her faith as a compelling factor in her success.

Her faith developed within her when she attended Missouri Baptist University and her Greek heritage has remained an integral part of her life.

Her official t-shirt that she shared on her Facebook and Instagram pages share both her faith in God and her Greek heritage.


Shirts finally available!! Please help support my journey to Rio and rock an awesome shirt!! (also available in white) Link in bio. Love the work that Jason Hammond did in designing these, and a lot of thought went into it. For design explanation, read below: *************************************************”Helen’s faith and heritage are essential elements in shaping who she is as an individual and an athlete. “As a tribute to these beliefs and values—Helen’s logo features a pair of wings that come together to form a strong, yet fluid “M” shape—reminiscent of the helmets worn into battle by greek warriors. In both Christianity and Greek Mythology wings symbolize strength, speed and endurance. Above the “M” is a simple halo which serves as a symbol of Helen’s commitment to her faith and the stage on which she performs—the ring of the wrestling mat. The Shirts The shirt design focuses on the the year 2016 as it is the pinnacle moment at which Helen’s training and dreams intersect. The main graphic is designed to create a conceptual podium on which rests Helen’s winged “M” logo. Below the podium graphic is the statement “For God & Country” a reminder to whom her efforts serve.”

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And then there’s Greek food— everything she’s grown up with being raised in a Greek American home but was deprived of during intense months of training.

“I’ve been dreaming about all the Greek food,” she told NBC News after her victory.

But in the end, for Maroulis, it’s all about faith.

“In Greek, ‘Πιστεύω’ means ‘I believe’ she says, as her personal motto. “Believe in yourself and believe in your training.”

Wise words from America’s latest Olympic hero.


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