Greek Aussie Trolls National Television with Crude Alias During Interview; Man Becomes an International Sensation (for a few minutes)


A Greek cab driver has trolled one of Australia’s biggest television stations during an interview.

At a taxi drivers’ protest against the government which wants to buy back taxi licenses, a driver identified himself as, well… you can see in the image below.

This is obviously a fake alias, or his parents really hated him at birth and gave him the name “Tsim Booky”

Either he gave the alias to troll the television station during the interview, or his parents really hate him and decided to give him a vulgar name which in Greek means, fellatio.

The Australian Twitterverse went nuts as Greeks started revealing the real meaning of the given name.

The story went viral for a bit with dozens of international websites sharing the story of the trolling Greek Australian cab driver.

The original interview on Australian show Sunrise 7 was Tweeted and posted on the channel’s Facebook page and immediately caught the attention of Greeks.

People were split on the prank. Many were embarrassed while others called the act “golden” and praised the driver.



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