Greece’s Archbishop Ieronymos Blames the West for Syrian Refugee Crisis


The massive refugee crisis that Greece and the rest of Europe face is the Western world’s fault, according to statements made by Archbishop Ieronymos of Greece.

Refugees were forced to leave their homes because of the actions of the West, the Greek prelate said during a visit to the island of Samos.

“All these refugees are the result of our own actions, the so-called western world. We, with our actions, have forced them to abandon their homelands and now we stack them like sheep for slaughter,” the Archbishop said after a visit to the island’s Migrant and Refugee Reception Center.

He also wondered why people, instead of crying for the refugee children that die on the shores, didn’t try earlier to avoid the uprooting of families from their homes.

While on the island, the Archbishop also participated in the food distribution program that takes place regularly.



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  1. Mrs. Merkel with her uncoordinated and emotional “Willkommenskultur” ( welcome culture) and “invitations” is mainly responsible for the largest mass migration in this century.

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