Greece Sending a Pontian Hip Hop Group From Thessaloniki to Eurovision


This year’s Eurovision Song Competition will include a bit of ethnic flair from Greece with a band called “Argo” as Greece’s official representative. The competition will take place in Stockholm, Sweden in May.

Argo is a band comprised of descendants of Pontian refugees from Asia Minor and formerly called “Europond”.

The Thessaloniki-based group uses traditional Pontian instruments, including the lira and daouli and their songs— although very modern in style, and often sing about ancient traditions, as well as the struggles of refugees and the difficulties of living in crisis-ridden Greece.

The group also incorporates the ancient Pontian dialect in many their songs.

“We will participate with an optimistic song, very up beat, but with Greek melodies and lyrics and the song will speak of everything the Greek people are experiencing today with harsh economic conditions,” Greek National Television (ERT) head Dionisis Tsaknis said, adding that the song will also include “the struggle of the refugees and lessons of Greek humanity for the entire world to learn.”

The Greek delegation has yet to release the song that will represent Greece.

Some of Europond’s recent music (*Note these are NOT the Eurovision entry songs):


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