Greece Returning 8 Turkish Asylum Seekers Who Fled in Blackhawk Helicopter After Failed Coup Attempt


Seven military officials and one civilian who fled Turkey during a failed military coup and landed in a Greek airport will be returned to Turkey, according to a Tweet by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

Çavuşoğlu, who said in his Tweet that he spoke to Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias on the phone and confirmed their return, had previously demanded their return from Greece, calling them traitors.

The eight Turks fled in a Blackhawk helicopter and landed in Alexandroupoli airport in northern Greece.



  1. Is it the Turkish minister for foreign affairs who decides to whom Greece the “cradle of the democracy” will or will not accord Political Asylum???

  2. Keeping the blackhawk???? Failed coup? Small percentage of milatary 16000 soldiers and civilians arrested in Turkey. Wtf this pres Erdogan is a joke. I seen them take over the cnn sister network. The only other new outlet other then state ran tv. Ome person hid a black jehadist flag under the red Erdogan flag. Never in my life would i allow civilians and police to march oir soldiers through the streets to jail. While we trained them? They laid down thier guns and let civilians jail them. Give me a break. This was a inside job Erdogan gave the order to hold the bridge and airport. Thats what his soldiers did. They didnt fire a shot. Then he facetimes for his people to take to the streets and take over the military. What a joke. Run the country from facetime….yeah ok….our soldiers dont take orders via facetime!! Return the blackhawk. Free the milatary and civilians revote Prez Erdowhan!! Fake coup. Shut off oir power to the u.s. air station we are using in turkey too???? Eyes on Turkey!!!

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