Greece Harsh Against Hungarian Handling of Refugees; Hungarian Conduct Not Appropriate for EU Member


Greece strongly criticized Hungary’s overall stance on the refugee crisis and its handling of tens of thousands of people trapped at its border, calling Hungary’s handling of the crisis “unacceptable” for an EU member state.

Images of Hungarian police and military using force against women and children and firing tear gas and water cannons have sent shockwaves throughout Europe.

Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman Konstantinos Koutras issued a strongly worded statement against Hungary:

“We find it difficult to witness either the wave of statements from Hungarian officials against our country or, and mainly, what the UN Secretary General characterizes as the “unacceptable” conduct of Hungary’s forces of order against the refugees, including infants, who are living through the drama and misery of war.

“The use of violence and armed patrols, and the driving of innocent victims of war into Balkan minefields do not constitute conduct appropriate to a member state of the European Union.

“It is obvious that the burden of the current, unprecedented refugee crisis cannot be shouldered by one country alone – in this case, Greece, which is doing everything humanly possible. These urgent circumstance require humanity, cooperation, solidarity and coordination with the other European partners, and not brutal cynicism, provocative statements, the use of violence, or a return to Cold-War walls.”


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