Greece Furious Over Ramadan Prayers in Hagia Sophia


The Greek foreign ministry slammed Turkey for scheduling Muslim prayer readings during the Ramadan holiday inside Hagia Sophia, currently a United Nations World Heritage site and a museum but once the largest Orthodox Christian Church in the world for almost 1,000 years.

In a statement to the media, the foreign ministry stated:

“We condemn as regressive the Turkish authorities’ announcement of the scheduling of a Koran reading in Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, on the occasion of Ramadan. Obsessions, verging on bigotry, with Muslim rituals in a monument of world cultural heritage are incomprehensible and reveal a lack of respect for and connection with reality.”

In a direct reference to Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s continued abandonment of the country’s secular traditions as established by Kemal Ataturk, the nation’s founder, the Greek foreign ministry’s release continued:

“Moreover, such actions are not compatible with modern, democratic and secular societies.”

The prayers began on Monday June 6 and are being broadcast on Turkish television.

Dora Bakoyanni, a former Greek foreign minister, said: “The decision of Turkish authorities to schedule the Koran reading in Hagia Sophia for the next month, has virtually transformed it into a mosque for the first time in 80 years. It is a provocative and incomprehensible act and shows disrespect against Orthodox Christians across the world and is not in line with Turkey’s European course.”

Greek foreign ministry statement is here.

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  1. Islam should be banned in Greece. All Muslims should be deported out of Greece. All mosques to be demolished in Greece. Turkish, Pakistani, Arabic and any languages from Islamic countries should be banned.

  2. And the Temple Mount should be returned to the Israeli Jews and the church in Bethlehem should be taken away from the Palestinians authorities control and returned to Christian control.

  3. Hagia Sophia is, and has always been, a place of worship. As long as there is respect shown for this holly church, and what it stands for, there should be no reason to ban any God worshiper from conducting a prayer within it’s walls.

    • With all due respect, when ISLAM starts to show respect for others, they might get some in return. That is typically the way it works, tired of everyone else having to show their tolerance except for the ONE AND ONLY RELIGION in the world that cannot tolerate other beliefs or customs, and preaches teaches and breeds the evil, violence and ugliness in the world. All other religions for the most part get along, tolerate and respect one another throughout the world especially here in the US. As I have stated before the muslim populace needs to fix their religion, enough with the excuses, there is a fundamental flaw in this belief system.

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  5. Would it blasphemy I wonder if we did not NOT get upset if the Turks are holding Ramadan prayers at Agia Sofia. If they choose to hold their most sacred prayers at a Christian shrine, why not do the Christian thing and welcome them? After all we can strike a point by facilitating their communications with God. Perhaps they may pick up a message from heaven or Jesus or Allah or whoever they are talking to through that channel since nobody is getting through or vice versa in any other venue. Let them pray, the world knows Agia Sofia is a church, it was birthed that way and if it ever vanishes, it will go out as always have been a church. The Turks can think what they want. Their opinion is barely relevant.

  6. “Hagia Sophia is, and has always been, a place of worship. As long as there is respect shown for this holly church, and what it stands for, there should be no reason to ban any God worshiper from conducting a prayer within it’s walls.”
    => Allah is not Yaweh but Hubal, the god of Moon…
    His cult in a church is not welcomed, it’ll be the same if satanists organized a black mass in Hagia Sophia…
    They can always pray in the minarets they built around.
    Another point, we don’t have to show respect to a cult that clearly say to us to convert to it or be killed and that is in active jihad against us!
    For those who believe the taqqiyya (deceiving) that Islam is a religion of peace, just read Surat 9 of Q’ran… What’s happening now is during for 1400 years.
    In fact, Muhammad’s coming was announced in the New Testament : he’s the false prophet that is supposed to come in sheep clothes and then reveal himself being a wolf. He looked to be peaceful until the Hegira then went to Medina and became a highwayman, a mobster then a warlord who performed mass murders. He wasn’t just a pedophile with little girls : Haddiths say he liked sucking little boys too, was doing crossdressing when he was with his child-bride and even shagged his aunt Fatima after she passed away, making him a necrophile! Zoophilia is permitted except during ramadan, it is suposed to be good for health to drink camels’ urines, Earth is supposed to be flat, Sun is supposed to revolve around Earth, fresh water is supposed to not mix with salt water, etc etc etc. Doing jihad and so killing all the so-called infidels is supposed to make them sure to have a place in paradise wich is, BTW, specially taylored for sexual perverts, in fact, it’s a little like the haschichins shrine in Alamut except there are underage virgins of both sexes and no weed… Err, did I said that their so-called prophet didn’t performed a single miracle? That he said that Jesus was shirk because of the Holy Trinity being polytheism constituted of God, Jesus and… Virgin Mary (!!!!), thus Muhammad did the worst sin in chrstianity : the sin against the (Holy) Spirit. This is the only sin that even Jesus or Yaweh couldn’t forgive even if they wanted to as it’s the power of the Holy Spirit that makes forgiveness possible…
    Considering all these points, a muslim cult performed in a church is absolutely as insulting for christians as if a gay pride would be if organized at Kaaba mosquee for muslims…
    I’m not insulting Islam, it’s just what their books say!
    Smth few know, Kaaba was here long before Islam : it’s dedicated to the Moon, in fact, Islam is just a revamping of the former Hubal cult revamped as monotheism and Muhammad added some elements he heard during his meetings with jews and discussions with a gnostic monk (and gnostics were heretics, the considered it was Satan who created the world).

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