Go to Greece and Come Back Different


During a recent trip to Greece I had the pleasure of meeting Yianni and Lea– a Greek national and his lovely Bosnian-born wife who live and work in Athens. They are two amazingly successful and talented young people, recently married and ready to start their family in Greece.

Yianni and Lea aren’t leaving Greece– even though they easily could. They are both highly trained professionals working for some of Greece’s top companies. And even though they share the same job instability, struggles and frustrations like everyone else in the country– they’re doing something about it.

I think they’re on to something.

Ask yourself… What is it about Greece that we love so much? What is that special something– “to kati” — as we say in Greek, that we can’t put our finger on, that Greece is to us.

I know the answer.

When we leave Greece, we are different. Something almost bewitching happens to us that causes a transformational experience to take place within our heart and soul. Something magical. You can’t put a finger on it, but something happens. Something changes us. We come back different.

Yianni and Lea created Combadi (get it? COme BAck DIfferent), a new website that shares unique experiences and offers the tourist chances to experience a Greece in a totally different and unexpected way.

In addition to being one of the cleanest, graphically appealing and pleasant web experiences I’ve had in a long time– the concept is amazing.

You won’t find bus tours of Plaka and the usual tourist trap trips to Delphi and Olympia on this site. Nothing close to it.

Instead you’ll find a sculpting holiday in Evia,  canoeing in Pilion, a bike tour of the Ionian Islands and other unique experiences that will certainly make you… Come Back Different.

These are the new and fresh ideas we should encourage and support. This summer let’s go to Greece and come back different. Check out www.combadi.com as a good starting point.



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