Ftou Ftou, Just in Case, Jennifer Aniston Keeping Away Evil Spirits with Mati Necklace


When the entire world is talking about you, wearing a blue eye pendant is a pretty good idea.

This is common practice amongst most Greeks who believe in things called “the mati” or “glossofagia,” the later meaning literally to be “eaten by one’s tongue or words.”

People pin mati pendants on their newborn babies and dogs, wear them as bracelets and pendants and they’re starting to appear on everything from t-shorts to mugs and anything else you can imagine.

Following the break up Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, ex-wife Jennifer Aniston took a play out of her Greek heritage playbook and put on a mati, or evil eye protector pendant.

After all, she was just as much a topic of the Pitt-Jolie divorce as the actual couple.

People made memes and gifs of Aniston… Shared “karma” messages on social media and before the divorce proceedings of the current Mrs. Pitt were barely made public.


And the previous Mrs. Pitt was viral, since she and Pitt allegedly split because Pitt was having an affair with Jolie, who would eventually become his wife.

So Jennifer– without any public statements or interviews following the Pitt-Jolie break up did go public in a way that any Greek will understand– wearing a big, blue and white mati pendant to ward off all those “evil spirits” or tongues that were obsessing with her.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence– and it’s a piece of jewelry that she randomly decided to pick up from her jewelry box that day.

Perhaps it’s something that her grandmother in Crete taught her… Who knows.

But regardless of its true intentions– the message is loud and clear.


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