Foreign Affairs Magazine: Why Greece Isn’t to Blame for the Crisis


Mark Blyth writes in Foreign Affairs Magazine that Greece isn’t to blame for the crisis. In this lengthy piece, he suggests people should “follow the money” to find out where the crisis really started. “The roots of the crisis lie far away from Greece; they lie in the architecture of European banking,” according to the article.

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  1. Chris Papageorgiou on

    Corrupt Germans, corrupt French,corrupt thugs from the Netherlands are using stupid puppets from former USSR satellites to tell me that I am a lazy Greek.
    They all committed crimes against Humanity ,just yesterday…..but it was the fault of the Jewish people…..
    Now they discovered the Lazy Greeks…..
    Tomorrow is your turn….just stand by and watch the injustice….
    Will you be part of the frenzy ??????
    Will you Rise ??????

    • Sally Tournas on

      Let’s stick to the current situation and crisis we’re in and remember that we are not fighting against the enemy of our past…but of the present. There is strength in numbers.

    • Katerina Psaltis Tsourlakis on

      The hardest working people in Europe are THE GREEKS! They work 40% longer hours than the Germans!

  2. Victoria Angelis on

    Very well written. Clearly “follows the money” and the abuse of power within the Troika house.

    However, please don’t suggest Greece is blameless. Take a close look at the massive numbers: (52% of the work force- government-coddled public sector employees who have enjoyed years and years of fanciful perks, amazing benefits, ridiculously short work weeks and cushy early retirement. Take a close look at the powerful unions which have been allowed to repeatedly sabotage the country- shutting down national highways, airports, shipping ports and public transportation. Take a close look at both the government’s and citizen’s participation- widespread tax evasion, bribery, abuse of power and outright defiance of life-saving reforms. Take a close look at the unrealistic and unproductive policies and regulations that cripple private enterprise and international investment development. By it’s own dereliction, Greek governments (past and present) and the Greek public (past and present) instituted and promoted corruption. Now, their magnificent country rots before their eyes.

    The economy has been destroyed. A nation of people suffer. Chaos is at the door. Without a doubt, the Troika loan sharks cunningly formulated a scheme that guaranteed Greece would never pay off its loan debts. Perhaps the European Courts should investigate: Troika’s role in this disaster must also be held accountable.

    However, If Greece will not first reform itself, what logic is there to continued membership in the European Union?

    • Sally Tournas on

      With all due respect, Victoria…Tsipras and his has accomplished much in the very short term he has been in power. Also, were you aware that a very small percentage of the population holds over 50% of the wealth in Greece!! You know…those buying up our homeland!

      Keep this in mind…and it goes, not only for Greece, but also for the Eurogroup. “Unity we stand, divided we fall”.

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