Five Great Photos from Good Friday in Astoria, New York


A non-Greek photographer stumbled across a Good Friday procession in Astoria, New York last year. Fortunately, he had his camera handy and captured these five great photos of St. Irene Chrysovalantou Church’s ceremony.

The impressive processions, which takes place annually in the Greek enclave of New York City, include thousands of faithful and numerous parishes in a few square mile radius.

Photos by Michael Tapp.

Michael Tapp is an accomplished visual storyteller. During his ten years in the television and film industry he’s worked on national commercials and feature films. He’s shot for AMEX, Intel, and Ralph Lauren.

Michael also specializes in creating content. He has created mini documentaries for The Atlantic, TIME Magazine, and has developed a podcast for WNYC. His original videos have been featured on large Internet portals such as Gawker, Gizmodo,, Neatorama, and Laughing Squid.


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