First Female Prime Minister of Greece Named; Surpeme Court Judge Vassiliki Thanou to Lead Country to Elections


The head of Greece’s new caretaker government has been named as Vassiliki Thanou, the country’s top Supreme Court judge. Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos’ office said she will lead the country to elections which are expected to take place on September 20.

Thursday (August 27) was Alexis Tspiras last day in the office. He resigned as prime minister last week over a bailout rebellion.

Thanou is the Greece’s first female head of government in history.

Thanou became president of Greece’s Supreme Court in July. A longtime legal practitioner and scholar, Thanou began her career in 1975. She was promoted to a Supreme Court judge in 2008 and taught civil law for six years. Thanou is a married mother of three.

Her primary role will be to maintain stability in the caretaker government and lead the country to elections.


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