Eurogroup Chair Jeroen Dijsselbloem Calls Greek Election Results “Regrettable for Future of Greece”


The chairman of euro zone finance ministers said on Sunday it was up to Greek authorities to come forward with new plans after voters rejected bailout terms in a referendum result he called “very regrettable for the future of Greece.”

“I take note of the outcome of the Greek referendum,” the official Eurogroup president’s press statement said.

“This result is very regrettable for the future of Greece. For recovery of the Greek economy, difficult measures and reforms are inevitable. We will now wait for the initiatives of the Greek authorities.”



  1. Sally Tournas on

    Thank you Mr.Dijsselbloem .for your message to the Greek people and to Europe and the World. May I ask…why is this “very regrettable for the future of Greece”? Have they done something wrong? Did they mis-calculate anything? Is it against the law to stand up for your rights and take the only opportunity to enforce those rights? If I understand things correctly…they were not blackmailing anyone. How were they to accept further austerity measures with no opportunity for growth?…accept further pain and suffering of the people of Greece? accept the suicide…the brain-drain, the lose of their homeland, which they were no longer able to afford? and stand by…and watch those with money buy it out from under them? Can you please tell me Mr. Dijsselbloem ?…what exactly have they done wrong to be faced with “very regrettable for the future of Greece”? Are you punishing them for doing the right thing?

  2. Sally Tournas on

    Mr. Dijsselbloem, I very much hoped that the IMF and the Eurogroup would listen to the people of Greece, of Europe and of the world who have voiced their support for Mr. Tsipras and the Syriza Party. Could you not find a solution to this and quickly…open the banks?…you can always work out the details at a later date…couldn’t you?

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