(Video) The End of Austerity in Greece? Watch Theopi Skarlatos’ Documentary


Greece’s Syriza party, led by charismatic Alexis Tsipras, had 22 days to make history from the date early elections were called in Greece to the historic election day when Europe’s first left-wing party in decades assumed power.

This is how they did it. UK journalist Theopi Skarlatos, known for her work with BBC and other news outlets followed Syriza’s activists, candidates and leadership from the waterfront, to remote mountain villages, down to the nail biting final days.

Her short documentary entitled “The End of Austerity” is here:



  1. Aspasia Sally Tournas on

    The people of Greece have spoken and elected hope and change, which is necessary. With good honest leaders, a good plan and strategy, a solution to Greece’s economic difficulties will be found.

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